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The Friends of San Juan National Historic Site is a non-profit organization designed to support the San Juan National Historic Site (SJNHS) financially and to amplify its public outreach agenda. By raising funds and awareness about our island’s history and cultural heritage, we aim to perpetuate the responsible stewardship of our park’s treasures.

SJNHS comprises Castillo San Felipe del Morro, Castillo San Cristóbal, Fortín San Juan de la Cruz (El Cañuelo), the San Juan Gate, Paseo del Morro, and most of the historic wall that surrounds Old San Juan. It is one of more than 400 National Parks and historical sites across the United States and its territories, but it is the ONLY National Park of the National Park Service (NPS) in Puerto Rico and one of only 23 parks classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its cultural and historical value for all humanity.

The Friends of San Juan National Historic Site is proud to join a long list of other Friends organizations across the United States (and beyond) that focus on promoting the natural and historic beauty of their parks, sharing their importance with park visitors, and, of course, contributing to their preservation for future generations. If you are a frequent traveler and park visitor and are finding yourself interested in learning more about Friends organizations more generally, check out this list of similar organizations based in the continental U.S.


Our goals are straight-forward: Raise money that allows the walls, grounds, and more ephemeral aspects of SJNHS (like graffiti, objects, furniture, documents, and so on) to be properly conserved; educate adults and children on how they can be a part of our shared history and also a part of the park’s future.


Create strategic partnerships with local and national businesses and organizations that share our ongoing mission.


Raise Money for small- and large-scale preservation projects across the San Juan National Historic Site.


Support educational programming in an effort to inspire adults and children to be stewards of our National Park.


Share our mission and our story with park visitors at local events, local establishments, and more broadly with other Friends organizations/ park visitors.

Any amount helps us achieve our goals

You can make a difference. Support the San Juan National Historic Site by making a donation or by getting involved with our organization. Click on the button below to send us a donation. 100% of our proceeds go back into the park and our efforts to preserve it.


Islands are often celebrated for their cultural diversity, their unique natural resources, or their natural beauty. What is sometimes more difficult to appreciate are the complicated histories and events that have led them to be so celebrated today. It is useful to remember that islands have played and indeed continue to play an important role in sea-faring as well as in inter-regional communication and trade. Their often strategic locations between larger land-masses/socio-political powers have made them stages for the enactment of world affairs and homes to people traveling from near and far. Puerto Rico is no different….